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CTY TNHH E-FLEX VIET NAM - Chuyên sản xuất và cung cấp các loại khớp nối mềm inox, ống chống rung inox, ống giãn nở vỏ áo. Flexible Hose, Axial Expansion Joint.

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Pipe Coupling Manufacturer

With the motto of our business is: "EUROPE QUALITY". E-FLEX VIETNAM always puts product quality as the core value to build Quality - Prestige - Trust for customers. E-FLEX VIET NAM always wants EFR-branded products to bring customers the most optimal cost-saving solution and be trusted by customers, becoming a reliable partner for sustainable development together, bring the best quality products to Vietnamese people.

  • High quality products with the target standard "EUROPE QUALITY"
  • Produce according to customer's custom requirements
  • Optimal solution with economical cost
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