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Flexible Metal Hose With Braid


Brand: EFR - EFH Series

Origin of hose: Turkey / USA

Flexible hose: Stainless steel AISI321(standard), AISI 316L

Mesh cover: stainless steel AISI 304L, AISI316L

Connector: Stainless steel 304 / 316, Steel, Cast iron or other material

Connection types:

Rotating, fixed flange connection

Socket or Butt-Weld . solder connection

Connecting internal and external threads

Other styles on request

EFR . Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling

What is flexible metal hose with braid ? In pipeline systems, the equipping of stainless steel flexible joints, stainless steel anti-vibration pipes to protect the pipeline from the risk of damage caused by vibrations and shocks and to meet the needs of moving - flexibly redirecting near as a must. With the EFR series of stainless steel flexible couplings , we would like to introduce to you a special line of stainless steel flexible couplings, which are the top choice in terms of quality and many other advantages.

EFR . Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling

EFR . Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling
Meets harsh working conditions:
Reliable flexible hose solution for use in harsh working conditions: -80 to 427 degrees Celsius, acid,.. Extends pipe life
EFR . Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling
High product perfection:
The production process is strictly controlled to meet international technical standards. Deliver high quality products.
EFR . Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling
High quality raw materials:
Raw materials such as pipes and materials are imported from European suppliers (Turkey/USA). Provide all necessary quality certifications.
EFR . Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling
100% pre-shipment testing :
100% of products are tested for responsiveness before shipment. Test by pneumatic, hydraulic or mass spectrometry.

EFR stainless steel flexible coupling is a quality product line manufactured by E-Flex Vietnam on request and distributed nationwide. We set out on a mission to create true "Pipe Guard Knights" products, together with you to protect your pipes during use.

EFR stainless steel flexible coupling, also known as stainless steel anti-vibration hose, anti-vibration coupling or stainless steel flexible hose, the English name is Flexible Metal Hose,

The Role of Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling

Stainless steel flexible coupling was born with the main purpose of helping to reduce - eliminate harmful vibrations occurring on pipes due to reasons such as: installation near engines, machines, water hammer, etc. work progress. In addition to the ability to protect pipes, the product also offers high pressure resistance, flexible elasticity, fire safety. Due to the stainless steel material, it can be used in chemical environments.

The product is highly appreciated by the market for meeting most of the required specifications and certifications for use in both civil piping systems and large industrial projects.

Structure Of Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling

In fact, the structure of the stainless steel flexible coupling consists of 3 main components: the bellows, the braid and 2 connectors of all kinds.

Structure Of Flange Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling

Read the article in the attached link below to learn more about the structure of stainless steel flexible joints.

T ser detailed understanding of structure of stainless steel expansion joints

Advantages of EFR Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling:

❖ Meets most pipe sizes (more than 18 sizes from 1/4" and up).

❖ Meet most connection types (more than 10 common connection types).

❖ Meets most media, mounting position (see details below).

❖ Work well in extreme conditions (temperature, pressure).

❖ Super wide working temperature range: -80/+427 °C.

❖ Wide working pressure range: 0 up to 195 bar (size 1/4").

❖ Flexibility: Min 28mm (size 1/4").

Commitment to quality:

❖ 100% imported stainless steel pipe: AISI 321(standard), AISI 316L.

❖ 100% tested before shipment (pneumatic or hydraulic).

Applications Suitable for Pipes:

HVAC System

Water supply & treatment

Chemical production

Food & Beverage


Steam & hot water nước


and industrial piping applications.

Connector Types:

Fixed type flange connection

Swivel type flange connection

Socket or Butt-Weld . solder connection

Connecting internal and external threads

Clamp clamp connection

Camlock coupling

(Please contact other connection types)

See pictures of common connectors of EFR . stainless steel flexible couplings

Composition Materials:

Flexible hose: Stainless steel ANSI 316L / 321L

Coated mesh: AISI 304 / 316 . stainless steel

Connecting accessories: Stainless steel 304/316, Steel, Cast iron or other material.

Size Table And Parameters:

stainless steel flexible coupling parameters

See detailed catalog of EFR . stainless steel flexible couplings

What Preparations Are Needed To Order Stainless Steel Flexible Couplings?

To choose the right type of flexible coupling for the specific needs of each different application. Customers must first define some basic specifications to be able to choose the right type of flexible coupling for the right application. We call it “STAMPED” for short.

S = SIZE: Size and length of stainless steel flexible coupling.

T = TEMPERATURE: Temperature of use.

A = APPLICATION: Used medium

M = MATERIAL: Materials for hoses and fittings

P = PRESSURE: Usage pressure

E = ENDS: Connection type

D = DELIVERY: Delivery time & packing quality.

Contact E-Flex's Hotline 0971.728.716 for free ordering advice.

Instructions for Ordering Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling:

Products are manufactured according to your custom Component Code listing.

There are 4 steps to create a Code list:

Step 1: Select the Code for the tube (Bellow).

Step 2: Select the Code for the Braid layer.

Step 3: Select the Code for the connector (Fitting).

Step 4: Rearrange the codes in order & send to E-Flex Vietnam.

Catalog And Installation Instructions

EFR . Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Hose View Product Catalog

EFR . Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Hose See Installation Guide

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