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Manufacturer of SS Flexible Couplings, SS Thermal Expansion Joints

Are you looking for manufacturers of materials and equipment for the pipeline industry for installation in your works or business projects? The following introduces you to E-Flex Vietnam, a company specializing in the solution and production of stainless steel flexible joints, stainless steel anti-vibration pipes, stainless steel thermal expansion joints, and thermal expansion tubes in Vietnam.

E-Flex Vietnam - Manufacturer of stainless steel flexible joints, stainless steel thermal expansion joints

We invite you to learn and consider suitable to become our customer or partner with many special advantages.

Introducing E-Flex Vietnam:

E-Flex Vietnam is a company specializing in solution design and production of couplings for civil or industrial pipes in Vietnam. 

Office & factory address:
45 Thanh Loc 15 Street, Thanh Loc Ward, District 12

The main products:

Currently, the company has the main products:

EFR stainless steel flexible coupling 
(also known as stainless steel anti-vibration hose, heat resistant hose).
 EFR thermal expansion joint 
(also known as thermal expansion tube, expansion compensator tube, expansion tube).
Expansion joint with EFR orientation 
(also known as directional heat expansion tube, compensating tube with directional bowl).
EFR mantle expansion joint 
(or mantle expansion compensator tube, mantle expansion compensator joint).



Why should you choose E-Flex Vietnam?

E-Flex Vietnam is a leading manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel flexible joints and pioneering thermal expansion joints in Vietnam. Our top priority is to invest in & produce quality product lines for international circulation. To do that, E-Flex Vietnam has set the quality target " EUROPE QUALITY " to meet European market standards. In addition, the company has a rigorous process in choosing raw materials and production lines. Especially the team of highly skilled personnel, fully understand the development orientation of the Company.

Currently, the company is manufacturing and distributing thermal expansion joints, heat expansion pipes, and heat expansion joints with EFR brand nationwide.


 Full range of popular expansion tubes:

As a manufacturer with a long-term vision, we know the product lines that need to be produced and in fact have fully met the popular category. Make it easier for customers and merchants to place orders than ever before.

 Higher quality while saving cost:

At E-Flex Vietnam, metal pipes are manufactured with the quality standard "EROPE QUALITY" with raw materials imported from Europe (suppliers in Turkey, USA). We issue CO/CQ certificates for orders that need it. Along with quality, the price is also highly competitive, helping to save costs as well as bring high profits when doing business. Perfectly suitable for equipping projects with high or very high requirements for quality - long lasting.

 The factory is conveniently located for transportation:

Factory address: 45 TL15 Street, Thanh Loc Ward, District 12, City. HCM. Near National Highway 1A and Nga Tu Ga bus station (less than 10 minutes away). Convenient for you to order from any province!

 Commitment to sustainable development, prestige:

E-Flex Vietnam takes sustainable development as the foundation to build its operations and product development in a long-term vision. Building a position and protecting a solid reputation and trust in the market. Environmentally friendly and responsible to the community.

Inviting cooperation to implement the pipeline project

Are you looking for a reputable partner specializing in manufacturing metal pipes to cooperate in bidding and implementing projects? Please contact E-Flex Vietnam to start learning about our policy. With raw materials from Europe and full documentation, the company's products are better suited for even large projects.

Invite to cooperate in product business nationwide

Are you looking for a reputable partner specializing in manufacturing metal pipes for business cooperation in the field of pipes? Please contact E-Flex Vietnam to start learning about our policy. With raw materials from Europe and meeting most of the popular metal fittings on the market, its products meet the diverse needs of customers.

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